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What is Impression Share?

Impression Share is basically defined as the ratio of the number of times that an advertiser actually gets an impression to the number of times he expects an impression.

When can an advertiser expect to get an impression?

Each time there is a search by a user on the keyword that an advertiser is bidding on, the advertiser can expect to get an impression

Why isn’t impression share 100% for always?

There multiple reasons for an advertiser not getting an impression on which he has bid, a few of which are listed below

a. Budget Exhaution

b. High Competition Bids

c. Ad not clearing thresholds for ad quality

At what grain is the impression share computed?

Impression Share can be calculated at any level – customer, account or campaign. It can also be calculated at the AdGroup level but Google Adsense does not go below the campaign level.

Why would I be interested in Impression Share as an advertiser?

Placing a bid on specific keywords shows your awareness of user base. It would be highly important for you to understand why your ads are not showing up whenever a user is typing the keyword. Once you know what is causing less than 100% impression share, you can take necessary actions to improve performance. Microsoft’s AdCenter will in fact filtering out your ads if not many users click on it. Thus, you would be able to understand whether your keyword choice is correct and reallocate budget, if not.

What are the other metrics which are closely related to impression share?

Click Share and Revenue Share provide another perspective to advertisers an can help by looking at the problem from a different angle.

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